Locked out of your Car, Home or Business?...No Problem, We can open it!

No More Broken, Lost Keys or Lockouts!

Electronic key pad locks are a great way to control who has access to your property while you are away, simply give them a 4 digit pin and they are in. These pins can easily be deleted or changed to limit future access. This is also an excellent way to control access of your vacation rental properties. No more lost/broken keys or lockouts! Just simply key in your 4 digit pin and that's it. Call us today for a free estimate or more information on our Electronic Key Pad Locks.

Electronic Lever Key Pad
Electronic Key Pad Deadbolt 

Touch Screen Key Pad

Control Your Deadbolt Locks from your Smartphone! Even create or change access pin's and more. 

Our Newest Doorbell Lock All in One!

For more information about our Electronic key pad locks call us today at 786-232-7149

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